Covid-19 Update

• All clients must arrive to their appointments alone.Only the scheduled client will be permitted inside.

• Please text your stylist from your car as soon as you arrive , We will let you know when it is safe to enter the salon, (once We have sanitized space and tools from my previous client) •Before entering the salon:
we will do a temperature check
Ask that you use hand sanitizer provided We will spray your shoes with disinfectant

• All clients must bring and wear their own suitable face mask for the entire appointment. If you arrive without a suitable mask, one will be provided for you and a $5 mask fee will be added on to your service.
Scarfs or t-shirts that have been tied around the head are NOT permitted. You must have a proper fitting mask.
We will also be wearing a mask and/or face Sheild for the duration of your appointment.

• There will be no food or beverages allowed in the salon at this time to avoid any need for the mask to be removed during your service.

• We ask that clients or those who stay with in your household who have traveled out of the state must wait a minimum of fourteen days before coming in for an appointment.

• All magazines have been removed at this time.
all retail will be available upon request only. We ask that you not touch any items on the retail shelves and if you need help, We will get them down for you. This is in an effort to avoid multiple people touching items in the salon unnecessarily. This will help us to save time sanitizing surfaces between clients.

We are all taking this very serious at Hairology Salon. It is necessary take all precautions to keep us all healthy. Having said that, there is still a risk in contacting Covid-19.
By keeping your appointment you accept these terms and will not hold us liable for future illness.

Hairology Salon

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